History (ART)

This assignment is concerned with formal elements, iconography (subject matter), and historical and cultural context. You are to write a research paper of at least three full pages of narrative text. The paper must include your own analysis of the topic using supporting information from at least three different scholarly sources, which must be books and articles in the MSU Billings Library or full-text articles available in databases (JSTOR, Expanded Academic, Academic Search Premiere, etc.) accessed through the Library’s “Get Articles” link. Do not use Wikipedia or other non-scholarly internet sources. You may reference your textbook, encyclopedias, and dictionaries, but they do not count as one of your three sources.You do not only have to use books and articles on art to research your topic. Books and articles on history, religion, and politics may be just as useful.

Topic:Choose three landscape paintings pictured in your textbook.They must be from different cultures (for example, American, Chinese, British, German, etc.).Compare and contrast the three paintings formally and in terms of iconography, placing each within their historical and cultural context.

Make sure you take into account period style (for example, French Baroque, British Romanticism, Chinese literati painting, etc.). How is the painting representative of this style? What are the historical and cultural factors that inform this style?

Also take into consideration the site being represented. Is it actual or imaginative? If actual, what is the significance of this site? What social, political and/or religious issues are raised by the painting?

You must document your sources within your text with footnotes, endnotes or parenthetical documentation. Art History uses the Chicago Manual of Style citation format; therefore, footnotes or endnotes are preferred.However, if you are familiar with MLA or APA, they are acceptable. I am primarily concerned with consistency. For assistance, consult the books on reserve in the library for this course: Look!: The Fundamentals of Art History, A Short Guide to Writing About Art, Writing About Art, and Thinking and Writing About Art History. If you click on “Citation Help” on the MSU Billings Library home page, you can also find information on the various citation styles.Also see the Library Research guide for Art at http://libguides.msubillings.edu/art

WRITE an organized, typed, double-spaced, paper with one-inch margins on all fours sides and twelve-point Times New Roman font.Your paper should have an introduction, middle and a conclusion.Include photocopies of artworks not pictured in your textbook.

You are to upload an electronic copy (Microsoft Word document), where it will be evaluated by TurnItIn for originality.

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