History exam assignment

You will have 2 hours to answer the following questions in ESSAY format. This means you must have a strong introduction of at least 5 complete sentences and a strong conclusion of at least 5 complete sentences. Do not answer the questions in the intro or conclusion. Your body paragraphs are for that information. Instead, introduce the topic, make your connections and draw your conclusions in the final paragraph. Make sure you include as many details as possible. Make sure you make all of the connections asked.

I highly recommend typing your exam in a separate word document and then copying and pasting it into the box provided. This is in case something happens while you are working on your exam and you lose all of your work. I will happily reset the exam for you if this happens, but I can not recover your work. You would have to start over. You do not want that, so do yourself a favor and save your work in a word document.

Good Luck!

In the 1950s and 1960s, the United States fought a war in Vietnam and worked through the Civil rights movement at home. Both changed the country but in different ways. Discuss what changed and why it was so important. In your discussion, be sure to include important civil rights leaders, organizations, and legislation. Be sure to include an examination of the African American movement and Mexican American movement. Are these effects pertinent today or is the Civil Rights Movement “old news”? explain.

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