How did you feeling after attending the group meeting?

12 – Step Meeting Activity

As part of your class experience, you are required to attend two different “Open” 12-Step meetings. You may attend any of the below groups or any other 12-Step meeting. Note: All meetings are “closed meetings” (for those that are addicted) unless “O” (open) is indicated. Only attend Open meetings unless you meet the necessary criteria.

Keep a log of your experiences at each meeting (to include what you learned, who spoke and the topic discussed). I suggest you attend in the company of one of your classmates. This assignment will have the following components:

An introduction – This one-to-two paragraph introduction will provide an overview of the two meetings that you attended (worth 10 points).

An attendance log – This log will record your attendance at two 12-step meetings, focusing on your thoughts and feelings (a) before the meeting, (b) during the meeting, and (c) following the meeting. Include what you learned about the recovery process. Include the date, time and the name of the 12-step meeting you attended. There will be two entries in all, each a minimum of one page per entry (worth 30 points).

A summary paper – This is to be a minimum two to three page paper describing (a) your overall thoughts and feelings about the meetings you attended, (b) was there an appointed leader of the group or did someone act as a leader (c) describe how the 12-step group was similar and/or different from a traditional therapy group (d) describe the cohesiveness or lack of cohesiveness. What are things you observed to support your thoughts and ideas (worth 60 points).

Note: This paper does not have to be in APA format.

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