How Should I Respond?

How Should I Respond?Purpose of Assignment:A case scenario that requires professional response and recognition of ethical obligations, including ethical treatment services.Transferable skill: Ethics and Professional ResponsibilityUnderstanding and exhibiting principles of conduct and professional behavior that impact a greater good in the world and workplace, understanding and applying ethical and professional principles of conduct. The human services profession is managed and guided by a code of ethics. Adherence to these codified standards keeps workers in bonds and hold professionals accountable for the maintenance of professional client-worker relations.InstructionsConsider the following scenario:Sally was recently hired as a caseworker with a local organization that provides services to disadvantaged teenagers. Sally has become especially close to a 15-year-old girl who is pregnant. She says that the girl reminds her of what she was like at that age. She spends more time than a worker usually would with this client. Sally says that the other day when she was a garage sale, she saw some cute baby closes that were inexpensive, so she purchased them for the client.You are Sally’s coworker and you are concerned about her attachment to this client. You have discussed this issue with your supervisor who says, “Well, that’s just Sally. You know how she is.” Later that evening you visit a local club and see your supervisor there. She is on a date with one of the other caseworkers. You also see Sally there. You are a competent human services worker who is familiar with ethical boundaries and violations. Something needs to be doneIn a two-page APA formatted paper address the following:Identify the ethical issues and boundary violations in this scenario.Propose solutions to resolve these violations including an ethical response to the client.List potential persons or governing entities whom you could notify of the violations.Use clear and concise grammar and writing mechanics.

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