hr question

For this interview, we will be interviewing the position of “Front Desk Clerk.”This position deals with the front desk administration duties as well as reservations.The position selected was done by the HR Manager of the Hotel to make this interview as seamless as possible.Select an organization within which you can conduct research in order to complete this assignment.The company must have a person responsible for the HR function. Once you have decided who you will be interviewing,  send me the name, position, and contact information for the individual you will be interviewing along with the company’s name and address. This must be a Canadian company.Identify and explain the current types of pay incentive programs for this position or, if none exist, what incentive system would you recommend for this job classification to motivate them to high performance. Support your recommendations with references to theories of incentive plans and why you believe such incentive plans are beneficial to this particular company. (Refer to Chapter 9 in your textbook)You must cite all your sources.Use APA sixth edition style, provide in-text citations after any quote, statistic, or other text from the internet.Insert your Reference List as a separate page at the end of your document.

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