HRM531 Phoenix Week 2 Corporate Restructuring Organisational Chart

I can provide the link to the material needed to complete the assignement. For the narration If that is just reading the speaker notes to the the slides I can cover that. I just need the presentation and detailed speaker notes please. Please make sure there are 10-15 slides including the intro, conclusion, and reference slide.

Assignment Content

  1. You are the head of HR and the leaders of your organization just approached you to restructure the sales team. Currently there are four Divisional Vice Presidents that oversee 15 District Managers each. Moving forward, there will be two Divisional Vice Presidents with three Regional Directors reporting to each of them. Every Regional Director will oversee 10 District Managers.

    Refer to the
    Organizational Chart for a visual representation of the current and new structure.

    Submit a ‘Narrated Power Point’ (with speaker notes) to the leaders of your organization in which you discuss the following:

    • Recommend the best way to implement the change.
    • Evaluate how to effectively execute your plan.
    • Draft a communications plan that explains the reasons for these changes to the organization.

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