Human Capital Management in the United States

Read: Attached “Case Study: Choosing a Municipal Personnel Director,” Chapter 2, Public personnel managementWrite a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper, address the questions at the end of the case study. Incorporate research from the textbooks and other sources. Form some conclusions on the current state of human capital management in the United States.Please include all headings, Introduction, and Conclusion also include all URL’sBe sure to also include a section in which you form some conclusions on the current state of human capital management in the United States.These are the seven questions you are to answer:1.Why did 200 people apply for this job? How qualified are the top applicants likely to be?2.What do you think the primary duties of the Human Resources (HR) director will be?3.Based on the background information and interview questions, what are the shared HR roles of the personnel director, managers, and the city manager in this City? Who does what?4.What specific competencies are important in doing this job well? What would be most important to you if you were the city manager? if you were a department director? an employee? a taxpayer?5.Which of these skills, knowledge, or abilities is likely to be gained through formal education and degrees? Which through experience?6.This case study is an example of how public Human Resources Management (HRM) has changed recently. What changes can you identify with respect to each of the following variables?Required competenciesRequired education and experienceSelection methodsEnvironmental change and uncertainty7.Assume you were interested in applying for this position.Which aspects of your own education or experience might you emphasize in proposing your qualifications for the job?What additional competencies do you need to become a competitive applicant for this job? (Klingner, Nalbandian & Llorens, 2010, chap. 2, Case Study: Choosing a Municipal Director/Discussion Questions section).ReferenceKlingner, D. E.,  Nalbandian, J. and Llorens, J. (2010).  Public personnel management: Contexts and strategies6th ed.). New York, New York:  Pearson Longman

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