Human Resource Management Functions Developing Employees Paper

This paper should be 2-3 pages of typed words; 1.5 spaced only (do not have any other spacing in the paper); Submit this in word format; use 12 font only.

Here is a suggested outline:

I. Opening paragraph introducing the paper (Explain why you took this class)

II. Briefly explain 3-5 core HR Management functions are and why you picked those functions (Hint: the chapters are the core HR functions). Answer a) what did you learn, what did you like about this chapter, and how will you use it on the job.

III. Explain how you now see the primary function of HR Management as is should be. and if your impression of HR changed due to this course and why it changed (if applicable)

III. Explain if there are any functions more important than the others and explain why you have this opinion.

IV. Do you believe that HRM can shape the organization and employee’s behavior and how?

V. Closing Summary of what you learned and if you would recommend this course to a fellow student?

Book: HR 4th Edition 4 4e by Angelo DeNisi

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