Human Resources Management Assignment Part 1 & 2

Good afternoon,This assignment consist of 2 parts. Please make sure to indicate which one is which and also to use APA format. *Professors are very strict with the wrong usage of format!  Books pages for assignment are attached! Thank you :)Part 1See Case #2 on page 735 “BNSF Railway: Training New Hires for Safety”In APA Format write a 2 page analysis of the case. Start the case with an explanation in your own words of what the case is about. Additionally, in your analysis, include the answers to the 3 case questions at the end of the case.Part 2After reading the section on Affirmative Action (pg 124-129 – Ch 3) ; write at least 2-3 paragraphs about your opinion on Affirmative Action and the pros and cons associated with it. Feel free to research Affirmative Action in Human Resources further. You will find this topic interesting. Start a new post and respond to two other classmates.

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