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The article in our lesson provided some great examples of how to deal with burnout. Burnout can be avoided with some daily routines. Developing daily and weekly routines can help avoid becoming overwhelmed and forming unhealthy ways of coping. First, professionals need to learn how to leave work at work. Develop a ritual that concludes your workday, this causes awareness that your work day is almost over. Doing this can help your mind prepare to leave everything as is for the day until the next workday. Next, make time for people that matter to you. Maintaining close ties through shared time and activities can sustain you. Also, talk with someone who gets you and understands the work you do at least once a week. Another great way to prevent burnout is to incorporate a release activity. This release activity should benefit mentally and physically. Some great ideas may include playing basketball with a few buddies, going to a shooting range, going for a run, going swimming, reading a novel, or watching a nice movie while eating a bowl of popcorn. Working out is great physically but it can also help mentally. Sometimes just turning phones off, turning the computer off, turning the radio off, and closing your eyes, taking a deep breath in can help control stress. I read an article once that said electronics, the radio, even computer screen savers can interfere with our body and minds energy, leaving people more vulnerable to stress. Lastly, having a support system in our lives with people that can challenge us and tell us what they’re noticing is vital. Two outlooks are always better than one.


One of the great things about working in Human Services is that most organizations are aware that burnout can or will occur. It is important to know the signs so you can be aware when you are feeling overwhelmed and start to do what is needed to relieve your stress. Being in this type of field you can take on your clients burdens and still feel the weight of your own. It’s important to figure out what type of stress relieving technique works for you because one way may work for someone else but not for others. Understanding when you need to take a day off or vacation to get your mind off things at work to take care of you. Human Services works are trying to help save peoples lives and the presser can feel overwhelming so knowing when to ask someone else like a supervisor to help take over or for guidance on how to deal with a stressful situation. I will agree that laughter can be beneficial because it is a great escape from reality or your circumstances at that moment. Talking with an employee that understands what you are going through is also another great way to share what is bothering you instead of holding it in. I believe most people who pick Human Services as a career path go in with a caring heart because they want to make a positive difference in peoples lives. The unfortunate part is there will be tragic events that will occur in this line of work that is out of our control so making sure that your well-being is a priority also will help you from burnout.

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