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Micro Aggression Essay.

Choose three Example of Micro Aggression that you can use it on the essay. I take these examples from Citizen book. The name of this book is Citizen An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine. If you can read the book online, you choose any 3 example of Micro Aggression you want, if not choose any three of these examples.

1) “When the waitress hands your friend the card she took from you, you laugh and ask her what else her privilege gets her? Oh, my perfect life, she answers. Then you both are laughing so hard, everyone in the restaurant smile” (148).

2) “Because of your elite status from a year’s worth of travel, you have already settled into your window seat on United Airlines, when the girl and her mother arrive at your row. The girl, looking over at you, tells her mother, these are our seats, but this is not what I expected. The mother’s response is barely audible I see, she says. I will sit in the middle” (12).

3) “Standing outside the conference room, unseen by the two men waiting for the others to arrive, you hear one say to the other that being around black people is like watching a foreign film without translation. Because you will spend the next two hours around the round table that makes conversing easier, you consider waiting a few minutes before entering the room” (50).

4) Some one in the audience asks the man promoting his new book on humor what makes something funny. His answer is what you expect. After a pause he adds that if someone said something, like about someone, and you were with your friends you would probably laugh, but if they said it out in public where black people could hear what was said, you might not, probably would not. Only then do you realize you are among “the others out in public” and not among friends” (48).

5) You wait at the bar of the restaurant for a friend, and a man, wanting to make a conversation, nursing something, takes out his phone to show you a picture of his wife. You say, bridge that she is, that she is beautiful. She is, he says, beautiful and black, like you” (78)

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