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This course has helped me in understanding the different management skills that the managerial level posses and also the management skills that the employees possess. It has also helped me in understanding that the management of any organization is able to make all the required changes and also be able to adapt to various technologies. It has made me understand that as the technologies are growing there is a need for us to change and adapt ourselves based on how these technologies are developing. The technologies such as

Cloud Computing
are shaping the way the Information

Industry looks like. It is up to the organizations to be able to understand as to how they would adapt to these technologies and how they would introduce it to their employees. It is also important to understand that these organizations would have to have various plans and strategies in place that would make it easier for the employees to make a transition from one technology to the other. This course has also helped me in understanding how to work with a team. All the

projects have helped me in understanding and considering that others would also not be able to be as flexible as we are and that adjustments have to be done in order to get the team to work together and give the best output. Working in a team is a big task as every individual is different and so are the opinions. We had to agree to one opinion and side the ones that would have not benefitted the team and being

in such decisions was something that I have learnt from this course. The concepts such as text mining, data mining, the difference between data, information and knowledge were also concepts that I was not aware of. This course has helped me in understanding these concepts and would help me in adopting them at work.

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