Identifying Aging Service Provider Interview and Paper Assignment

Aging Service Provider Interview and Paper

You will identify and interview and aging-service provider. This might include a long-term care nurse, long-term care administrator, hospice director, senior center director, physician, home health nurse, etc.

The goal of this assignment is to help you further understand an aging service provider’s perspectives regarding social, economic or political events and policies that impact the aging population. This interview will then be translated into the paper to summarize your findings.

Your assignment should be written in 12-point Times New Roman font and be double spaced. It should be five to seven pages in length. Please remember that the title page and the reference page(s) does NOT count as a page in the page requirements. Outside research for this assignment is not required other than an interview with an aging servie provider, so no reference section needs to be included. Your paper should include each of the following sections and include answers to the suggested questions:


  • Why did you select this person?
  • What is this persons job title, function and role within their organization?
  • How long have they worked in their current profession and what credentials do they have that supports their work?

Your introduction should comprise about 10% of the paper.

Interview Overview or Summary

  • What type of work does this person perform? How does their job and organization impact aging adults?
  • Where in the “system” does their organization fit in (hospital, community based care, policy center, community center, etc.)
  • How do social factors impact their work? (chronic illness patients, lack of services, lack of community organizations, etc.)
  • How do political factors impact their work? (accountable care act, Medicare/Medicaid funding and reimbursement, state and fedaral laws and regulations governing the organization make it hard to care for people, etc)
  • How to do economic factors impact their work? (funding sources, costs of care and labor, resource allocation, etc.)
  • What social issues or society events have impacted this persons work?
  • What are the biggest challenges this person faces in their work in working with the aging population?

Your interview overview/summary should comprise about 30–35% of the paper.


  • How do aging service organizations handle social, political and economic factors in working with the aging population.
  • What are future implications to providers in their mission?
  • What is lacking on a social policy issue that would help support this organization?
  • Are there future concerns that need addressed such as Medicare funding, transportation needs, technology integration, etc.?

Your interview analysis should comprise about 30–35% of the paper.

Personal Reflection

  • How did this experience enhance your understanding of the unique needs of aging service providers?
  • What did you learn that was most surprising to you?
  • How might this experience influence the way you go about in your career and profession?

Your personal reflection should comprise about 20–25% of the paper.

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