if marriage is so great, why is it in so much trouble?

Posing the question Waite and Gallagher ask in The Case for Marriage, if marriage is so great, why is it in so much trouble? If marriage is so wonderful, why do half of all recent marriages now end in divorce? Why are 40–70% of our children born to unmarried women? Why would individuals voluntarily dissolve (or fail to form) a relationship that helps them live longer, healthier, happier, sexier, and more affluent lives? Offer your perspective on these questions. Combine what you’re reading in your course texts and learning in the lectures to offer insight on your thoughts on this question. Suppose you are hired as the new Chief Marketing Officer of Marriage in America for the younger generation. How would you “market” marriage to the next generation to help them to understand its benefits?

* APA format

* 2 scholarly references (5 years old max)

* 400-500 words

* one biblical scripture used

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