Individualized Behavioral & Mental Health Treatment Plan Case Summary Report

Students will develop a Case Summary and Report using the client from the approved movie. Each assignment below will be completed throughout the semester to formulate the final report. Students will write a Comprehensive Case Summary and choose the Evaluation Model based on one of the following perspectives: Psychodynamic Behavioral, Existential, Adlerian, or Transactional Analysis (Chapter 26: Formats for Reports, Evaluations, and Summaries in The Clinician’s Thesaurus). Be sure to write the Diagnostic Impression in the current DSM-V format (See Course Resources). Each assignment will get feedback collectively. Terms should be used from the Clinician’s Thesaurus.
Grading Rubric states:

Provided all detailed information about the client.

Well-stated and detailed explanation of current client’s issue(s)

All are well-stated:

  • Medical History
  • Psychiatric History
  • Substance Abuse History
  • Family History

Psychosocial information is clearly explained in written format.

Client’s mental health status is described in details addressing the information from the mental health status exam.

Student research the assessment instrument that can be used to assess the client and discussed the assessment and its purpose.

Diagnosis is in DSM-V format with codes and includes psychosocials

Treatment plan is discussed and includes the attached treatment plan

Theoretical orientation is well described to include how it will be used to assist the client in therapy

Report is written in paragraph format and includes sub-headers with no grammatical errors.

Attached are all 3 supporting documents needed to complete this case summary, if you have any questions please feel free to let me know

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