inherent gender inequality

examine the issue of inherent gender inequality; how it came about; how it is perpetuated and the benefits that come when there is gender equality in the workplace and in society. You’ll be asked to research how business leaders can better promote gender equality in the workplace.View the Michael Kimmel video on “Why Gender Equality is Good…”Based on the ideas in the video and your outside sources, write a 3 page paper, addressing the following three questions:1. What are your perceptions of the existence ofgender inequalityin the world around us? How does it show itself and have we just taken it as a fact of life…or are we becoming more aware of the implications it produces?2. What are some good qualities that make women (more so than men) well suited to assume high-level leadership roles?3. What is one solution you believe would work to break through the “glass ceiling” and why? Is this something organizations should actively pursue? Why?Submission Requirements:· APA format is required, which includes:o Title pageo 12pt. font in Times New Roman and double-spacedo Reference page, with in-text citations· Entire paper length should be four pages or more; the answer to each question should be complete and thorough.· Include an introduction and conclusion (included in word count!)

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