Intro Neuroscience Paper

  1. Students will be given the option to research a topic from Chapters 12, 13, or 14 and write a 10 page paper on a chosen topic within one of those chapters. [Note: title page and reference page(s) do not count toward the page limit]. You may choose one specific topic in the chapter or more than one topic, as long as the material is written in a cohesive way. Papers should be uploaded to Blackboard’s Safe Assign by 12/07/17, 11:59pm.  Safe Assign is Blackboard’s program for detecting plagiarism; therefore all papers should be written and cited in APA format prior to submission. Some examples or topics for this Extra Credit Research Paper are as follows:

Chapters 12 (Ingestive Behavior)

  • Physiological regulatory mechanisms of drinking & eating
  • Metabolic signals of eating , drinking & thirst
  • Brain Mechanisms associated with obesity and anorexia and bulimia
  • Factors involved in stopping a meal (insulin, long-term satiety and signals from adipose tissue).

Chapt 13 (Learning & Memory)

  • synaptic plasticity & long-term potentiation
  • perceptual & Relational learning
  • classical & instrumental conditioning

Chapt 14:(Human Communication)

  • brain mechanisms assoc with speech production & comprehension
  • aphasia in deaf people
  • brain areas involved in stuttering
  • disorders of reading & writing
  • speech production & brain lateralization

Details of 10 Page Research Paper: The paper must be completed in APA format, double-spaced typed, and include the following: cover page, background/etiology of the topic or disorder, mechanism of action, identifying areas and/or receptors involved in the topic at-hand, current news associated with your topic area which should include the most recent advances, medications and/or potential treatments for the chosen topic.

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