Introductory Paragraph, Problem Statement and Justifications for the Study

Question description

For this assignment you are expected to submit a file attached to the assignment dropbox reflecting the introduction and statement of problem/research question of your Capstone Project or Thesis (the introduction and statement of problem/research question should be one paragraph of your work). This will be followed by your Justifications for the Study section (the second section of your work that will contain four paragraphs where each reflects a solid argument that explains why your research is important).

I recommend you present the research question or statement of research problem at the end of an informative and well-written discussion that first introduces the topic at a general level and then walks the reader through to the more specific research question or statement of problem that reflects the four elements emphasized in my notes and in our initial discussion regarding your topic (see my pdf under Writing the Research Question or Statement of Problem.pdfPreview the document ).

For the Justifications for the Study section, I expect you to develop no less than four valid arguments for the justifications section that clearly make a case for why your research is important. These four arguments should be supported by the published literature (see my pdf under Writing the Justifications for the Study.pdfPreview the document ).

Cite your sources in-text using the APA style and prepare an APA formatted reference page.

You will also need to create a cover page (see my pdf under Capstone Project Cover Page and Abstract Formatting Guide.pdfPreview the document) and Executive Summary or Abstract. The Executive Summary or Abstract should be no more than 150 words.

This is the topic of this assignment. The health system how to affect the personal economy in Africa

First of all, the topic of paper is health system how to affect the economy in Africa. In the paper, I will divide the article into seven parts. The capstone project will conclude with series of recommendations and strategies of how a health system affect the people economy in Africa. How can be better run and what kind of plans, strategies will help them develop.

We all know is that population is the most important factor in the development of the country. The development of country requires the existence of human beings as a precondition. The better health system is the foundation of a country’s development. We all know that the situation of economy in Africa is not good. The developing of the society is not fast as other countries, The health system has not been developed. People’s medical conditions is not good too.

The capstone of this project will focus on the current economic situation in Africa, the existing medical system in Africa. I am trying to find the relationship between the health system and the economy. I will select some special countries as examples, carefully analyze the status and shortcomings of the country, and use those examples to find out the rules. There is no doubt that a person’s economy is matter for country, the medical system is the most basic guarantee for everyone. I will mainly analyze the relationship between the individual economy and the medical system from the paper and analyze how they promote each other. And from several aspects to analyze the important role of medical systems in the development of the personal economy, and how an imperfect medical system consumes personal wealth and damages the development of the individual economy.

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