answer in 1 page plus a reference pageRead the following hypothetical scenario. After analyzing the problem, describe what actions Supervisor Jan should take in response to employee complaints and Jason’s response.Jason works for a large retail department store chain.  Despite the store’s no-solicitation policy, Jason has been approaching his co-workers in the lunch room every day with Bible verses and asking them to join him in reading the Bible. Several employees have complained to Supervisor Jan. When Supervisor Jan told Jason to cease this practice, Jason told her it was part of his religious observance.Instructions for initial post: Please write in essay format.  Include the guidance below in your analysis:a) Set forth the federal statute and/or theories of law that are applicable.b) Identify the legal issue(s) that exist.c) Apply the facts of the scenario to the elements of the law/theories of law.d) Cite a case in the text which is on point with the scenario, or compare and contrast with a case in the text.

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