La Tendenza Movement & Mario Botta Building Research Paper

La Tendenza: Italian Architecture movement & Architect Mario Botta building: ( Casa Rotunda House, Ticino, Italy 1982)

Overview about the topic, 

It is a research about the La Tendenza: Italian Architecture movement 1965–1985 as the most visible Italian movement in architecture since World War II and the architect Mario Botta. 


1st paragraph.

Summarize any important events and how those event affect or help the   movement like:

1- historical and cultural.contexts. 

2- social changes

3- economic conditions 

4- technological advances 

to orient your reader to the topic.

In another word, what political, social, and economic changes were occurring that help to place La Tendenza and architect into historical context and provide a framework for the style architecture.


Thesis:  Then the thesis should come at the end of the this section and should explain the relationship between Mario Botta and La Tendenza movement, cultural context and individual works that you will be discussing in the body of the paper _  It is about the argument must be supported up by appropriate research.  (underline the thesis)  


2nd part:

-What is the La Tendenza: Italian Architecture 1965-1985. How did it start and who did start it? What is its philosophy, concepts, ideas, and/or values? 


3rd part

It is a  research about the the architect Mario Botta, and to which movement he belongs, -And how Mario Botta played an important part on  the La Tendenza movement (Minimizing biographical information, and talk more about the author’s or architect’s impacts.)


4th part:

Mario Botta is one of the architects who represents the La Tendenza movement and Italian Architecture that reflects a broad philosophical and aesthetic approach to design, as exemplified in specific key work.

Analyze the Casa Rotunda House, Ticino, Italy 1982 by Mario Botta  and discuss how his work is representative of the La Tendenza movement as well as the architect’s style and overall intentions.

What is the architect’s philosophy. -What is its concepts, ideas, and/or values did the architect hope to have? 


Concluding paragraph summarizes the ideas stated in the thesis and extends your commentary in some way. 


1- Chicago-style format_Bibliography and footnotes or endnotes should follow Chicago-style format. Bibliography should be the last page .

2- Use footnotes in  the bottom of each page. 

3- At least, use 2 academic books for the sources and list them on the last page.

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