Literature Review for the Intervention Proposal

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Literature Review for the Intervention Proposal

In Week One, you created an annotated bibliography. It is now time to  take that research and begin working on your Intervention Proposal. One  of the main components of an intervention proposal is the literature  review. This week you will be drafting a portion of the literature  review that you will include in your Week Six Intervention Proposal. For  this week, choose three to four articles that include in a mini  literature review that you will build on during Week Six to complete  your Intervention Proposal. These articles should all be recent  (published within the past 10 years). You should also cite other  material (e.g., seminal works about the theories) as appropriate.

In your literature review:

  • State your thesis statement that is your professional opinion.
  • Briefly explain the organization of the paper. For example, if there  is a major controversy in this literature, briefly describe the  controversy and state that you will present research supporting first  one side, and then the other. Or, if three methodologies have been used  to address the question, briefly describe them and then state that you  will compare the results obtained by the three methods.
  • Begin by broadly discussing the literature. Then, narrow your review  to the studies that are most related to your research question. Your  literature review should resemble a funnel – wide (broad) at the top and  narrow (focused) at the bottom.
    • Ensure that at least one article (but no more than two) supports the opposing side to your thesis.
    • Describe studies in enough detail that the reader has a general sense of the study’s hypothesis, methods, and findings.
    • Evaluate the studies. Do not provide article summaries; rather, provide descriptive and scholarly evaluations of the research.
  • Discuss implications of studies (i.e., your judgment of what the  studies show and where to go from here). It is common (and often better)  to combine the description and evaluation sections. If you do combine  them, do not forget to evaluate them.
  • State your conclusion that reaffirms your professional opinion.

The literature review must be four to six pages, excluding title and reference pages, and it must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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