Marxism and Karl Marx Philosophy Discussion

What is the origins and uses of Marxism?

Historical background of Marxism?

What are Karl Marx’s philosophies of Marxism?

Thesis Statement

Organize per syllabus.

Give atleast 10 sources.

Turabian Style

My professor wants me to be very detailed but also focus on the broad aspects of Karl Marx about his life and how his philosophy impacted the public.


1. title page (See sample)

2. Abstract (Thesis statement)

3. Introoduction(historical background of the topic, importance to the field, last sentence must be the thesis statement)

4. Definition of concepts (for example “genocide”, “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity”

5. Literature Review (major works on the subject)

6. Research Design: How will you engage in your research? (Methodology)

7. Case presentation, analysis and discussion of findings

8. Policy Recommendations (What should be done about this issue?)

9. Conclusion

10. Ancillary materials (maps, graphs, tables, illustrations, photos, etc.)

11. Appendix

12. Bibliography (reference or works cited)

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