Media Corrections

As the text points out, and as you are probably already quite well aware, what is reported in the media often carries great weight. With it also being protected by the First Amendment (i.e., the “press”) one might also expect that it also should bear great responsibility.

To this end, from your Internet browser, enter various search terms, perhaps along the lines of ABC News corrections, corrections issued by CBS News, Fox News corrections and retractions, NBC correction – news corrections, NPR News correction, or some other similar searches. Find an instance where the media has issued a correction regarding politics, political parties, or public policy matters.

When you have found one you wish to use, do some additional research to find out more about the specifics. Submit your post which indicates the specifics of what was first reported by the media entity. Then provide what the correction said. If possible, glean what the problem was with the reporting, and what do you think the media entity should have done to both first have avoided the misreporting, and what step(s) would you recommend to the media entity going forward in an attempt to not fall into that situation in the future.

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