Mental Disorder Activity

Dig Deeper” Discussion
Do you think mental illness is a myth? Why or why not?

Mental Disorder Activity
Sometimes a person with a mental disorder commits a crime.  Having a mental disorder does not give an excuse to commit crimes, but occasionally a person is found not guilty by reason of insanity.  In these cases, the defense has proven to the court that the defendant did not know right from wrong at the time of the crime. Conduct a Google search to find a case where someone either won or did not win their insanity plea. Create a report describing the defendant’s mental disorder. Describe the charges against the defendant. Why did their case win or why did it not? What happened to the person?


ADHD Discussion
Is there an advantage to having ADHD? What kind of things can a family do to improve the life of a child who has ADHD?

Antidepressant Discussion
The use of antidepressants in adolescents has created some controversy. Read the article in this link and discuss your thoughts. Should depressed teens and children be put on antidepressants? What treatments should be used for teens and children who have been diagnosed with depression?

Listening and Reflection Activity
This activity should be completed in groups of two. If working in class, pair off students. If working online, students should find a family member, friend or colleague to complete the activity with.

This activity is on active listening and reflection, which is an essential part of client-centered therapy. After watching the video practice active listening and reflection skills with another student or someone you know.  Each person should discuss an issue they are experiencing in their life. After the person has shared his or her problem, the partner should reflect back to check understanding. Reverse roles and repeat the exercise.

Therapist Activity
Do a Google search for five psychologists who provide therapy in your area and answer the following questions for each psychologist:

  • Does the therapist provide what he/she specializes in treating on the websites?
  • What theoretical perspective does the therapist follow (psychoanalytic, cognitive, humanistic, behavioral, some combination, or other)?
  • What degree does the therapist hold?
  • If you needed therapy, would you consider this therapist?

Therapy Discussion


There are many different types of therapy. After watching the video below, discuss which type of therapy you agree with the most and why.

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