Microenterprise Financing and Issues Hindering Adoption Questions

Instructions and 3 questions below

Question One

Page Limit: Half Page 15 Points

What are the models of microenterprise financing strategies? From your class readings and elsewhere, what are some of the issues that have hindered widespread adoption microenterprise financing strategy in the USA? How can these hindrances be eliminated?

Question Two

Page Limit: Half Page 15 Points

List and discuss some the barriers that have prevented low- and moderate-income, minority- and women-owned businesses from accessing capital (credit) less easily than the mainstream. How can these barriers be addressed through government, foundation or private sector?

Question Three

Page Limit: One Page 20 Points

You have been invited by the city of Santa Cruz, California to help guide a program to foster a “green” or “clean tech” sector to spur local economic development. One central component of the strategy is a new financial program or institution, though which specific vehicle is still undecided.

1. First, compare and summarize the Strategic, Operating and Funding differences and/or similarities for revolving loan funds, venture capital, and community-based financial institutions.

2. Second, building on your answer to part one, recommend one of the three approaches to the city of Santa Cruz and defend why the approach you chose will achieve overall economic development goal of fostering a “green” or “clean tech” sector for the city.

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