Discussion—Best Practice Case StudiesBest practices are always learned from people who have already accomplished what it is that you are just learning about—that is why they are called best practices. In this module, best practices will be taught by reading case studies and how the players learned their lessons relative to performance improvement initiatives.Based on your assigned textbook reading, consider the case studies presented by Langley et al. (2009) and respond to the following:What were the best practices that impressed you most in “Case Study 3: Reducing Infection and Mortality Rates in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit”? Give reasons.What were the best practices that impressed you most in “Case Study 5: Improving the Credentialing Process at Care Oregon”? Give reasons.How can you apply these best practices to the public health organization you have chosen for your course project?Write your initial response in 4–5 paragraphs. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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