Mill and Kant Difference Between Types of Moral Reasonings Assignment

I just need these corrections on the essay article:

Final Draft

  • Ethical Background, Context, and Implications: From Question 1 of the Organizer, you should explain the difference between the two types of moral reasoning and use this to add context to your coverage of Mill and Kant, plus the three articles. These two types of moral reasoning are the theme of this project, so this theme should run through the entire Final Draft in terms of how you explain Mill and Kant, and how you analyze the kind of moral reasoning used by Harris, the Frieds, and Dershowitz.
  • Mill and Kant: From your Organizer, you should add that new information to the Final Draft. For Mill, be sure to identify his principle of utility and show how it can be used to justify torture, also More information on Mill’s principle and goal of utility and how utilitarianism distinguishes right from wrong is needed. In addition, you should also identify which type of moral reasoning and
  • For Kant, how exactly would torture break or violate both the universal law and the humanity version of the categorical imperative? Please briefly describe both of these formulations of Kant’s categorical imperative and then apply it to the issue of torture.
  • Harris, the Frieds and Dershowitz: Add the following information to your coverage of each one: the philosopher and the moral reasoning that would support them plus the counter-argument you’ve identified, what evidence is being given; please describe at least one flaw in the each article. This can be challenging, especially when you agree with the view. It can be helpful to think about what someone who would disagree with the article might say.
  • In your final draft of article provides relevant evidence for why each philosopher would support one position or the other.
  • Citations: So far, your project has not yet met mastery due to no in-text citations. Please consult the CfA Citation Guide for detailed information about using sources and how to cite them. If you find you still have questions after looking at the guide, please consider reaching out in the Student Community or speaking to a tutor at . In addition, on the References page, you should make the following corrections.
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