MIS445 Decisions Based on Confidence Interval & Real Dataset Project

In this CT assignment, we will examine a real dataset and make appropriate decisions based on confidence interval.

Download the dataset MORTGAGE30US.xls (linked under Module 4: Critical Thinking on the modules page). This dataset contains 30-year fixed rate mortgage weekly averages from 1/7/2010 to 8/16/2018. Put your dataset into in the myfolders/MIS445 on your computer. Then complete the following steps and questions:

  1. Using SAS, produce an appropriate graphical summary of the dataset. Why did you choose this graph? Explain.
  2. Using SAS, compute the mean, standard deviation, and a five-number summary of the dataset. Describe the center and spread.
  3. Using SAS, construct a 95% confidence interval for the mean weekly averages. Interpret this confidence interval.
  4. A mortgage broker claims that the mean rate will be higher than 4.60% in the following week. Based on the confidence interval, is this a reasonable claim? Explain.

Take the screenshots of the SAS output and paste them into a Word document along your answers to the questions above. Clearly label the questions and answers. Submit the Word file in Canvas.

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