MKT421 The Connection Community Company Service Marketing Plan Paper

Hi can you complete this plan i need a introduction and conclusion. Service Marketing Plan


Overview of Our Industry

Company Details

The name of our company is The Connection Community, because our vision is to build a community of people who understand and value the connection between physical and mental health. Mental and physical health in America are both receiving more attention today than ever before, yet they are often approached as two separate entities; despite abundant scientific research that substantiates their connection. The Connection Community is a network of experts in both fields who work together to create specialized programs that empower our customers to advance their individual levels of physical and mental health.

Mission Statement

To cultivate a community of health, excellence, discipline, and peacefulness.

Our Competitors


Research Techniques

Target Market

Our target market consists of every person with an interest in self-improvement regardless of demographics. Unlike traditional exercise facilities, our services extend beyond providing resources like treadmills and dumbbells for physical health. We are targeting people who value their mental health just as much as their physical health and have a desire to understand the connection between them so that they can appropriately nurture both. The human desire to achieve maximum potential isn’t limited to any age, race, culture, gender, or economic status; it is universal. Our goal is to establish an all-inclusive community of people determined to cultivate greatness.

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Employment Recruitment

A service as valuable and unique as ours requires a highly selective employee recruitment process. We will search for employees that display high levels of emotional intelligence, and have backgrounds rooted in physical fitness, nutrition, education, and psychology. More important than credentials or previous work experience, is a genuine sense of purpose and desire to help people who want to help themselves. Our goal is to recruit employees with the credibility and charisma to inspire a community of growth and development. Excellent interpersonal communication skills are mandatory for all employees.

Customer Expectations

Our customers come to us because they are interested in improving their physical and/or mental health. They expect us to provide them with tangible resources like high quality exercise equipment, and intangible resources like healthy stress management seminars, to help foster their improvement. They expect inspiration and support from a dedicated staff as well as their fellow community members who are on the same journey. Our customers expect to experience a transformation that is both physical and psychological, as we teach them to be understand the connection between both entities. They expect our facility to be clean, safe, and inviting at all times.

Customer Relationships

We don’t just have customers, we have community members, and the relationships we are able to develop with them is the foundation of The Community Connection. The programs we create for our community members are highly personalized based on a variety of factors such as current level of physical fitness and diagnosis of specific mental health issues. The quality of the programs we create for community members are directly related to the quality of the relationships we build with them. We will

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enforce a strict confidentiality agreement to help ensure a trusting relationship between employees and community members.

Customer Complaints

The fundamental premise of The Connection Community is that there is always room for improvement. This philosophy is as applicable to the service we provide as it is to the community members we provide it to. That is why soliciting community member complaints and suggestions in order to maximize the quality of their experience is a priority. Each of our community members will regularly be encouraged by our staff to share any experiences of service failure in a variety of ways. For issues that must be addressed immediately, community members have the option to report service failures directly to staff members. For community members who prefer to voice their complaints privately, we will provide an anonymous suggestion box, as well as incorporate a complaint submission feature into our website. Responses to all complaints and suggestions will be provided within 24 hours of the submission. It is important to note that we aren’t simply providing the option to offer feedback, we are actively encouraging it on a regular basis.

Service Recovery

It is our desire to exceed customer expectations and provide an excellent service for customers. If a customer has an issue with the provided service, our team will apologize and not charge them for the service. We will also provide a 50% discount on their next service.

Future Service Offerings

Physical Evidence

Developing Corporate Culture

As the founders of The Community Connection we will perpetuate a company culture of compassion, integrity, positivity, balance, discipline, and health. To accomplish this, it is necessary that we lead by example so that our staff members will do the same, and our community members will follow. We believe that how well our staff members treat our community members will be a direct reflection of

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how well we treat our staff members. The service we provide requires an element of authenticity and sincerity on our part, in order to inspire community members to reach a greater potential than they previously believed was possible. Our long-term goal is to create an inclusive culture full of people learning to take better care of themselves as well as each other.

Demand and Capacity


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