Mod 6 Performance Gap 2018 vs 2017 Reduction of Clients PP Presentation

Now that you are thinking about storyboarding, it’s time to create some content. For this activity, you will create an original video, audio file, or narrated PowerPoint to use within your Web/CBT Module (Performance Gap: Reduction on the number of clients in 2018 as compared to 2017) . OpenFlights: Airport and airline data. (2019). Retrieved from For a video or audio file, you can use the Record/Upload Media tool within Canvas to record a video from your computer or to upload a video saved to your computer or hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. Refer to the Rich Content Editor ks to an external site.…

section of the Canvas Instructor Guide for guidance on how to use the Rich Content Editor to record or upload media. You may also want to watch the video tutorials in Module 6 for some tips.……

  • Your media file can be used for any part of your W/CBT Module. For instance, it could be an introduction, an example scenario, or an informational media element.
  • Video does not have to be voice narrated but can be narrated by text inserted into the video.
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