Module 01 Discussion – Reinventing Digital Worldwide

Question description

This discussion post is for my Business Management Capstone course. Please don’t make this more than 2 paragraphs. keep it simple.

click this link to watch the video with this…. (if you cant view video please let me know and ill give you log in info)

The discussion posts in this course will follow a fictitious company called Digital Worldwide. They have hired you as an entry level manager, and you will be asked to make decisions about the direction of the business and the strategic management process. Each week there will be a new video and a new scenario. It’s important to understand that the decisions that you make will carry over to the following weeks, so choose wisely.

Subject: Your First Assignment

Hey Newbie,

You’ve joined us at a pretty exciting and hectic time. We’re just starting a reboot of the company’s strategic management process, and it’s time you got your feet wet. Let’s make use of that shiny new degree of yours.

I’m sure you’ve had to watch our introduction video by now and are aware that Digital Worldwide made a name for ourselves as a company that focuses on utilizing existing technology in innovative ways. Our company has expanded its product lines a lot recently, and we’ve come a long way since we last wrote our mission statement 10 years ago. It’s time we come up with a new one, but before we can do that we need help determining our core competencies.

Currently, we’re polling our employees, asking them to identify what they believe are two of our core competencies or core values. Take the time to write a paragraph about each, explaining why you think they’re vital to being successful in our industry. They better be good too. I hired you to make me look good, but I have no problem firing you if you don’t. Email me back by midweek and don’t be late.

Tom Nelson/Regional President
Digital Worldwide

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