Moral Side of Euthanasia Research Paper

  • APA style and format -Follow ALL guidelines for APA standard format. Reference the previous modules, as needed, for the correct APA style and formatting rules.
  • Word count: 2,500-3,000 words – This includes the entire essay and Works Cited page. This will result in about 10 typed pages. It does NOT include the outline. Do not submit an outline in this document.
  • Must write in third person. (no direct references to yourself – I, you, we, us, etc.)
  • General Setup
    • 1″ margins on all sides
    • Font should be 12-point Times New Roman (MLA standard)
    • Double-spaced
    • No extra spacing should be included between paragraphs, or before or after the essay title.
  • Be sure to include an introductory paragraph that includes the thesis statement as the last sentence. The thesis statement should be detailed enough so that the reader will know exactly what to expect from your essay. This statement should not be vague. It should also be only one sentence.
  • Include a proper APA title page.
  • Include proper page numbers.
  • References page must include all sources used in the essay (primary and secondary sources).
  • 8 sources minimum – Try to use an even number of sources on both sides of the argument (or as close as possible). All sourced used must be credible sources from scholarly journals found in academic databases (through your college library), books, or APPROVED websites granted by your instructor. If you are unsure about a website that you would like to use, email your instructor a link to that source ASAP and request approval. It is understandable that some small changes may be made as research has been conducted. Most of the good websites will be .edu or .org websites instead of .com ones. (ex., etc.)
  • As you know, Turnitin checks every paper for any similarities with websites and any paper that has been submitted to Turnitin. DO NOT COPY from any source or another paper. Anything directly quoted from any other source (other than what comes directly out of your head) must be included in quotation marks and must have an in-text citation to properly label its source. If a student plagiarizes, the sources will be identified by Turnitin. The penalty for committing plagiarism on the first offense is receiving a zero for the assignment and a document will be written up and submitted to the dean of eLearning. This college policy will be followed. If you are still unsure what constitutes plagiarism, email your instructor for more clarification ASAP.
  • Remember that you should not include more than 25% directly quoted information in your essays. This means that at least 75% of your essays should be in your own words. Therefore, you should not use more than 1-2 short block quotes in this major research essay. Try your best to paraphrase or summarize information in your essay, and be sure to cite your sources for these as well. Even though the information is in your own words, those ideas came from somewhere outside of your own head! Give credit where it due. 🙂
  • The submission should be one document including essay and References page.
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