New Orleans Preparedness for Future Natural Disasters Research Proposal

The research topic : how the population of New Orleans are preparing for future or natural disasters ?

the following text from the instructor about what should/shouldn’t be included in the proposal:

((I anticipate an articulate description of the purpose of your research (APA style omits the heading “introduction”) and its importance. A high level of intellectual analysis by you of the academic /scientific/scholarly literature you have reviewed describing the problem and what is known and unknown about the problem and solutions is expected. Your specific question or hypothesis that you intend to answer by observing/interviewing/surveying live persons should be clear and specific. Your scholarly description of your methods of research and planned data analysis scheme (including the number of subjects or observations necessary to avoid bias and assure reliability and validity needs to be rich in description. All facts should be cited in proper APA format, and match the reference list per APA methods. Appendices should include a proper IRB application, instructions to observers, survey, a work plan and a data plan (see Leedy and Ormrod or other reputable references provided throughout the term for examples or templates. The proposal should be internally coherent and easily readable.))


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