Nursing Leadership WK4DIS

Part 1

With a society that is so diverse in its own nature, issues pertaining to cultural diversity are bound to occur in the process of team management and leadership. Using the ————-University Online Library or the Internet, research about cultural diversity. Based on your research and understanding, answer the following questions:

· How does having members of different cultures on a team affect the team’s performance?

· How would you incorporate a person from a culture of your choice into your team, keeping in mind communication differences within your and the chosen culture?

Part 2

In the years to come, cultural diversity will only continue to increase. I don’t think nursing is educated well enough on culture. Every day we encounter patient after patient with different beliefs, practices, etc. However, we don’t encounter a well diverse of cultures. Of course, the diversity of people will depend on where we live. For example, a New York healthcare provider will possibly experience more diversity than someone in Kentucky or North Dakota. As far as having different cultures on a team, it can be beneficial, but it can also be degrading to some team members. Those team members who are the only one, like a team of eight members, four Caucasian, two African-American, one Asian and one Middle Eastern, the Asian and Middle Eastern may grow tired of being the only resource. In addition, because the Asian and Middle Eastern are the only ones, stereotypes are bound to be formed. The bad part about nursing is that we form opinions and pass it on to our coworkers instead of being positive and forming our own opinions. “Regardless of the personal background of the nursing faculty, there are some who contend that what Campinha-Bacote (1999) terms ‘unconscious incompetence’ with regard to diversity issues is the norm”(Bednarz, Schim, & Doorenbos, 2010). Performance wise, some cultures are known to work harder, whereas Americans get the stereotype of being “lazy.” Having different cultures will add some insight and possible comfort to patients of their own or similar culture.

When incorporating someone into my team regardless of their culture, they would be treated the same. Yet, I would take the time to discover aspects of their culture and how to use that in my everyday practice. I understand how it feels to be excluded, looked at differently or judged, so communication wise we would figure out a way that works for the patients and us. “Working with diversity also can be described in terms of opportunities and pearls. Facing the challenges of a diverse student body can be seen as a learning adventure” “(Bednarz, Schim, & Doorenbos, 2010)

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