Part 1: Naturalistic observation or interview

Students will be expected to engage in a naturalistic observation of one of the stages of the lifespan to gain a first-hand view of the developmental issues and milestones encountered during this stage. You have the following two options for this assignment:

Option 1:

Observe infants, toddlers, school-aged children, or adolescents. This could be done in a daycare setting, in school, in church, or even in a public place such as at the playground. Note the child’s biological, cognitive, and psychological development using the theories and information outlined in your text. If possible, also pay attention to how the child interacts with other children and any interaction between the child and caregivers. Consider what social and cultural factors appear to be impacting the child’s development. Identify challenges in development for your observed age group. You need to spend enough time in your observations to be able to understand the points outlined above.

Option 2:

Interview someone currently in late adulthood about their life; allow him or her to share the story of their family, faith, career and memories with you. Note information about this person’s physical, cognitive, and psychological health. What major events seemed to shape his or her development? Does this person seem to express Ego Integrity or Despair according to Erikson? In what ways has this person coped with loss? What role has religion played in his or her life?

Part 2: Reflective Journal

The paper for this assignment will be a written description of your observations. Although the journal should report your personal experiences, impressions, and emotional reactions to your experience, it should also clearly integrate specific concepts from the text and from research, and should be written in an academic style of language, rather than a conversational or informal style. You are expected to reference a minimum of 2 scholarly sources in your journal.

The journal should be 3-5 pages (in addition to a cover and reference page), should be in proper APA format

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