Odessa College Panama Canal Expansion and Hazmat Transportation Discussion


Your boss has asked you to find a company to purchase ELD’s for 50 of your company vehicles. Though the compliance date for ELD went into effect December 18, 2017 your company already had AOBRD units in your trucks, therefore, you fall under the grandfathered compliance date which gives you an extension to get into compliance. Research 2 electronic logging device (ELD) companies and discuss the pros and cons of each. Then tell the class which company you would pick and why. Once you have chosen a company check the website to see if it is a self-registered ELD Company. When looking at a company think about other features that may also be valuable to your company. For example, you may find a company where the ELD’s track vehicle inspection reports and offer driving behavior reports such as speeding.

ECFR Regulation: Part 395 – Hours of Service

FMCSA Website: Hours of Service

ELD Implementation Link – https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/hours-service/elds/elect…

Self-Registered by Manufacturer List – https://csa.fmcsa.dot.gov/ELD/List

ELD Checklist – https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/hours-service/elds/choos… 0 0 0 List Actions (Below List) Delete

2 )


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) oversees the Department of Transportations program for Aviation. So think about aircraft planes used for carrying passengers, cargo, hazardous materials and the airport facilities, pilots and workers needed to maintain and transport; all of this falls within the regulatory guidelines of the FAA.

Take a look at the website for FAA and get familiar with navigating through it, as well as, the regulations in the ECFR.

For this weeks discussion read The Future of the NAS

futureOfTheNAS.pdf and write a summary on it (200 words or more).



Research the Panama Canal Expansion. Write a brief summary of the project and the potential safety concerns that have come up as a result of it. Also, include information on how this could or currently affects the Texas ports when it comes to shipping. Respond to 2 other students’ post.




Read the scenario below and answer the questions. Be very detailed in your answers. Refer to the FMCSA regulations:

FMCSA Part 397 – Guidance

ECFR – Part 397

Part 177 – Carriage by Public Highway

Hank is a hazmat driver for IBC Transport. Dispatch has instructed Hank to stop at Total Totes and pick up a load of sulfuric acid. Hank arrives at Total Totes and is cleared to enter the yard. He backs up to the loading dock, sets the brakes, and shuts off his truck. He talks with the loading dock manager and receives the shipping papers for the load. The loading dock manager gives him the placards he will need and the truck is loaded.

• What will Hank have to do to make sure everything is in order, as far as his load is concerned?

• Who will be responsible for placing the placards on Hank’s truck?

• What will Hank want to do before he leaves the yard with his load?

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