Operations Security

After working in your groups, please submit your group paper here.  Only one submission per group needed.

Paper Requirements:

Group Task:

-Pick an industry for your overall ‘theme’ of your paper.  Based upon this theme, each group member will research two articles that discuss a data breach that has occurred to that industry.  In addition to the article research, the group is to then write a comprehensive paper on the various implementation issues that occur in trying to apply information security policies to the industry selected for the group assignment.


-Pick an industry for the team to work on

-Begin an initial search of articles that discuss data breaches in that industry (2 per person)

-Determine the implementation issues that will be discussed (2 topics per person) – pick topics from Chapter 5

-Create an outline for the paper – submitted Friday evening


-Review feedback on outline of paper and modify as necessary

-Individually – write a 2 page descriptive summary of each article that was found (2 summaries per person)

-Individually – work on the implementation issues that were established Friday night (2 areas per person)

-Begin compiling all work into one document and submit for review – submitted Saturday afternoon late

-Begin creating presentation


-Make any revisions noted by instructor to paper

-Prepare and Present your findings to the class (Presentations begin promptly at 8:30 a.m.)

Page Count Range should be 24-26 pages not including:

Title page, Table of Contents and References page

Put all members of the group on the Title Page

Put the group member’s name next to the article and section they completed in the Table of Contents such as: Equifax Data Breach – Jennifer Merritt

All References are to be in APA format.

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