Opioid Abuse Script Assignment

Hello! I have an assignment where I need to do a presentation about a topic and create a 3-4 page script for it. I just need the script written so I can present from it. The topic I have chosen is about opioid abuse. Below are more detailed instructions, thank you!

To help with the preparation of your presentation, you will prepare a script. The average length of the script is between 3-4 pages, excluding references. I doNOT require you to memorize your presentation word-for-word. Your final script should be close to your final talk, but does not need to be word-for-word the same. Any major changes to your script should be conducted prior to the deadline of the script. If major changes are made after the script deadline, you will lose points for the preparation portion of the presentation. Your script should include a minimum of 4 properly APA cited references (see APA format guidelines under writing resources in the syllabus).Acopy of the rubricthat will be used to grade your scriptis provided on Canvas

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