The experiment is held in a very simple way. We had 5 people working on this experiment. One

person was a subject of the experiment standing parallel to the pole. One person was recording

the measurements, one was measuring the distance from the pole to the group member standing

and then measuring the distance from the group member to the school bag. The 4 th person was

making sure we stood on the correct place and was taking the picture from the side. He was

responsible to let us know that if we have stood correctly to align with the tip of the flag. The 5 th

person of the group was responsible to measure the height of the flagpole from ground till the


We had one person standing parallel to the flagpole, a school bag was place behind him to use

the similar triangle method to measure the height from the bag to the person and then person to

the pole and adding both the sides will give us the height from the school bag to the flag. As you

can see we have added Figure A on how we worked on it. On Figure B you can see the

measurements done by the range meter and later converted to m for calculation.

The person is standing on the point D facing the flag, whereas the school bag was place on Point

B. We are trying to determine the distance from point A to point B by using Pythagoras theorem

and similar triangles. We can see that the both the figure has been configured as a right angle


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