Personal Computers and Dark Web as Media Infrastructure Framework Analysis

Statement: Personal computers bring motivation and freedom, but it from tool of liberation to something far darker in recent year.

In 1984, very few people owner personal computers. At this time, Apple computer aired its commercial introducing Macintosh during the Super Bowl. This is a changing that breaking down the barriers of 1 to many communication. Analyze this commercial and personal computers. Use academic view and thinking in Media Infrastructure.

However, personal computer and internet has side effects in recent year.

Analyze the film Dark Web (2018), in which the personal computer becomes a portal to terror.

Please Analyze how the film and personal computers shows the side effects.

Traces changes in the use, design, or intention behind your subject infrastructure, technology, or material from what you deem to be a key point in time.

Use Chicago Style. Do Not use too much resources because this is an analysis base on the film and your academic knowledge. Otherwise you will lose the point.

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