philosophy essay to do

1. Read the following argument, then in 1-2 paragraphs evaluate it using the five criteria for evaluating arguments from our text.

2. In addition, search for fallacies within the argument. In 1-2 paragraphs, be sure to name, briefly define, and explain each fallacy you find. Though you won’t lose points for not finding ALL of the fallacies, the more fallacies you find, the more points you will earn overall.

There are two sides you can believe about gun control: either you believe that guns create crimes or that guns prevent crimes. People that believe that guns create crimes want to increase gun control to the point that nobody in the United States will be able to own a gun except for the police force and the military, which is a terrible idea. People that believe guns can prevent crimes want to decrease gun control so that any US citizen can have access to the ammunition and firearms that the 2nd Amendment guarantees.

According to a recent study by the Guns Are Freedom Institute, homes with firearms are safer overall than homes without guns, therefore each home should have at least one firearm, if not more. The only people that disagree with high rates of gun ownership are stupid liberals, who care more about endangered panda bears than the lives of American families. They say that people who own guns don’t actually care about safety, but this isn’t true. I own a gun and I care a lot about safety. Also, we know that guns are safe because safety includes the right to self-defense, and what better way to defend yourself or someone you care about than with a firearm.

My friend once shot and killed a home intruder in the middle of the night. There is no evidence that calling 911 would have also been effective for her, so she did the right thing. This shows that the best way to protect yourself is access to a firearm. Most people agree that we should have less strict gun control laws, therefore the right thing to do is make it easier to purchase firearms and ammunition, not make it more difficult. If we increase gun control, millions of lives will be lost.

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