PHL1330 Prince George’s Community College Slavery In US discussion

Recently, there has been intense disagreement on the removal of historical statues and symbols that have any connection with slavery in the U.S. from its founding through the Civil War. What is you view on the value or inappropriateness of such statues and symbols? At what cost do we “sanitize” history by the wholesale removal of anything associated with slavery? Is there a “middle ground” that would acknowledge our history and, at the same time, demonstrate the repugnant institution of human slavery.

This is a required Discussion Board opportunity and will contribute up to 30 points to your Discussion Board participation grade.Only posts submitted by Sunday, Apr. 14th at midnight will be eligible for a grade. Any posts submitted after that date will not receive a grade.

Each post (original or response) will be worth up to 5 pts. and will contribute up to the maximum points assigned for that forum. [For Course Module 3, there are 30 pts. maximum per forum.]

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