Please Answer Base In This Answer In APA Format .Write At Least 250 Words , Please Answer The Comments By Number And List Your Answers Please, Thank You

1-I think “Specificity” is the main word in writing learning objectives. It helps participants to know what the training is all about and what needs to be done at the end of the training. In your last paragraph, I think you use the nursing process, which I think is a good one. At the end of the training, the feedback is what will help the trainer to know if the learning objectives are achieved or not. Any changes that needed to be made will be made and any additional training or explanation might also be applicable.


2-Based on what I’ve gathered from the reading, it’s very important to understand the learning abilities of the participants involved. Clear and measurable behavioral learning objectives are the foundation for planning an educational activity when it comes to engaging both patient and family members. The use an action verb to specify the behavior change you expect to be able to measure as a result of the learning. The verb should correspond with what opportunities are given for the participants to demonstrate the newly learned information. A learning objective is measurable when the participant can perform a task (list) identified in the learning objective (NHNA, 2016).

An example of a clear and measurable learning objective would be if the participants were able to “List three significant risk factors that leads to metabolic syndrome”.


Guidelines for Writing Learning Objectives. Retrieved from:


3-Your birthing class experience is a perfect example. It shows, as you mentioned, many different levels of education needed. I think the one objective you mentioned that you would add is valid. This would key the class in to observing what type of pain control would really work best for them. Many people may have entered the class not realizing there are different options of pain control, so they may have missed this information. As you mentioned, teaching a group of people can present more challenges with different levels of needs and learning styles.

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