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1-DQ 1 I think a hospital community day in schools is a great idea! When I was in high school, universities would come give presentations and provide information for us to consider choosing them for college and in turn, some had succeeded in “recruiting” some of my classmates. I imagine there may be hospitals or health care facilities that do this but if there were an increase in number of them and greater outreach, this could lead to enlightment for students and could in turn mend the nursing shortage problem we have today.

2-Observing that many persons do not use social media is true and this points to the the fact that nurses’s attitude and behaviour towards the profession and populace contibutes to the public image of the profession. The impression people have of us is directly related to our actions and inactions.

3-Very good discussion post!  In the largely negative world of television drama as it depicts nursing, I like how you found some instances that do have some positive views on nursing.  I also like how you found an organization that promotes the nursing profession in light of the widely popular media portrayals.  I find that while the medical television dramas that are on today are intriguing, they are typically wrong in the portrayal of the health care field and it is important to have accurate information available.  I myself like to watch the shows and tell the t.v. when they are wrong!

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