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Comment 1

Qualitative and quantitative methods differ in many ways, one being that quantitative data collection is much more structured than qualitative data collection method (DeFranzo, 2011). Qualitive research focuses on generating meaning and understanding to data that are related to opinions, concepts, values and behaviors of people in a social context. Quantitative research focuses on gathering numerical data to explain a particular phenomenon.  The use of either qualitative and quantitative methods depend on the research question of the study. However, researchers are now using mixed methodology research, which involves the use of both qualitative and quantitative methods with the assumption that it will address the research question more comprehensively then qualitative and quantitative method alone (Tarig & Woodman, 2013). Mixed methodology can be extremely beneficial to studies addressing complex multifaceted issues such as health service interventions.

A potential challenge in conducting mixed method research would be that qualitative and quantitative research methods belong to separate and incompatible paradigms. Both have different and conflicting ways of how they view the world and gather research data (Tariq & Woodman, 2013). Another challenge would be that it can be extremely time consuming to the researcher that it would benefit if it was conducted by a large team instead of just one researcher in order to conduct the study in a timely manner. Studies involving both quantitative and qualitative research can be challenging at times, however it also provides the researcher with a wider range of tools to answer their study question more efficiently.

Comment 2

With modern medicine advancing and new treatments invented each year, healthcare professionals including nurses need a reliable source of information to improve their practice and stay updated. Evidenced-based practice was implemented as a great tool that helps nurses to better provide their nursing care and improve patient’s outcomes. According to the article, “ Evidence-based practice (EBP) results from the integration of available research, clinical expertise, and patient preferences to individualize care and promote effective care decision-making”. ( Wyant, 2017)

There are few EBP models that are used nowadays in nursing. They all have five basic phases that make the process more effective:

  1. Identification of a clinical problem.
  2. Review of the relevant literature.
  3. Critical appraisal of the evidence.
  4. Evaluation for practice change and potential implementation.
  5. Evaluation of he outcomes.

( Wyant, 2017)

Certain organizations use specific EBP models. However, their only goal is to identify the problem and find the solution in order to improve nursing practice and patient’s outcomes.

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