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Communication may be described as the process by which information, understanding as well as perception are transmitted from one person to the other as an integral part of a relationship. In nursing, communication is significant and patient care needs to be improved continuously (Huber, 2017). After having the idea of improving patient, I would gather and collect data first from the published trials with the current literature which support innovation. The data I have collected I would compile it in a PowerPoint presentation that includes research information associated with the idea. Then in a staff meeting, I would present my idea. This will help me because my fellow colleagues would assist me to edit the finding and adding more information to make it perfect. I would also have some members to support me so that we can form a team. This team will join me on the board where the upper management will view the presentation. This makes the idea more realistic and only a few people can resist the change. I would present the information to the upper management verbally to ensure that the project importance is understood. I would use the corporate social responsibility model which is reproductive, standardization as well as consistency. Once the trial runs effectively, I would develop another presentation containing the stated problem and statistical research. This information can be presented using the visual graphs as well as employee accounts of experience to ensure that the idea sounds beneficial to staff, budget as well as patients (Jones, 2015). Giving visuals and the actual accounts from the employees are important when influencing the change.

Comment 2

Motivation is an essential part to everyday life, task completion and performance results. Two types of motivation to be discussed are intrinsic and extrinsic. “Intrinsic motivation is something internal, either primal (such as the need to eat) or learned (such as the knowledge of healthful eating). Extrinsic motivation is something external and may be both positive (such as rewards) or negative (such as punishment). Repeated exposure to extrinsic motivation may help create an intrinsic motivation. (Eggenberger, Sherman & Keller, 2014)

When dealing with intrinsic motivation and example that relates to me is that of knowledge of nursing skills. I placed a great deal of motivation into my everyday tasks as a nurse, from practicing proper infection control to medication management and administration. These tasks need to be completed and with precision at that. Extrinsic motivation is a little different, an example that pertains to be would be picking up overtime at work or covering shifts that need to be filled. Currently at my place of employment we are short staffed on our 11pm to 7am shift. My work is offering an incentive to those whom are willing to work of an additional $100 dollars per shift worked. This is a reward that motivated employees to pick up overtime and coverage.

“In any setting, high-performance work teams rarely occur naturally. They must be created and managed. To instill effective teamwork into health care, leaders need to recognize and emphasize its importance. They play a key role in helping a team develop the ability to collaborate effectively, build relationships and trust, innovate, and achieve results at a consistently high level.” ( Repovich, 2013) Characteristic that are essential are communication skills, team work ethics and motivation.

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