Problems in the Pay System

1. You have been retained as a consultant to evaluate the situation and make recommendations for action. Ms. Nance wants your position on the following:2. Are the CCUA department’s current pay practices concerning data processor IIs and computer analyst Is externally equitable (ie: competitive)? Explain your answer.3. What specific action, if any, do you recommend be taken now? Be specific and justify your recommendations.4. What specific strategy(ies) do you recommend for the future so that these types of problems can be anticipated and avoided?5. As is often the case in business, we typically find that we must make decisions, or recommendations, on the basis of incomplete, imperfect information. What additional information in this situation would have enabled you to improve the quality of your recommendations?6. Conduct a web search to determine how accurate the data are in Exhibit 10.1.3 for the systems analyst/programmer job title. Summarize your findings below, citing the relevant website(s) and the method of the pay survey. What are the outsourcing options for the data processing and computer analyst jobs? Locate pay data for outsourcing options.

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