Professional Capstone and Practicum Documentation

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The Professional Capstone and Practicum course requires students to select a course mentor. This mentor is not a preceptor, but an individual who will guide students as they work to complete the practice immersion hour requirements for this course. Students are not required to “shadow” their mentor.

The course mentor should be someone who can provide professional development knowledge and guidance and who possesses a genuine interest in working with students to further their academic goals.

Selection, approval, and retention of a course mentor must be completed as soon as possible at the start of this course, as this individual will be working with the student on each assignment that incorporates practice immersion hours. Working with a course mentor is mandatory.

Once a course mentor has agreed to serve in the role, you must complete and submit the following required documentation so that practice experiences can begin in a timely manner:

  1. Field Experience Site Information Form
  2. Qualified Mentor/Preceptor Summary Form
  3. Mentor’s license, certification, and resume/curriculum vitae

The student is responsible for obtaining all signatures for the paperwork submission. Course faculty will approve all sites and mentors according to student learning needs and specific course objectives.

Do not initiate new work on practice-immersion-hour-based course assignments until your course instructor has approved your course mentor.

Once a course mentor is approved, students should contact the mentor within 1 week of receiving the approval notification. Students are encouraged to make an appointment to meet with their mentor in person and arrange to review the NRS-490 course objectives and the Individual Success Plan (ISP).

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