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Professional Paper Worksheet


The purpose of this assignment is to allow the learner to demonstrate good organization, appropriate resources, and correct APA formatting for preparing a professional paper.


This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.

CO #3.Demonstrateeffective verbal,written,andtechnological communicationusing legal and ethical standardsfortransferringknowledge using success resources provided to Chamberlain students.(PO#3)

CO #4. Integratecriticalthinking andjudgment in professional decision-makingin collaboration withfacultyandpeers. (PO#4)

CO #5. Apply concepts of professionalismwhen planning for personal,intellectual,and professional development. (PO#5)

CO #9.Demonstrate accountability forpersonal andprofessional developmentbyassessing information and technology competence,implementing plansforupgrading technologyskills, and using effective strategiesforonline student success using resources provided to Chamberlain students. (PO#5)


Submit theassignment to theWeek3Dropboxby Sunday,11:59 p.m.MT.


Thisassignmentisworthatotal of125points.

PREPARINGTHEProfessional Paper Worksheet

1.  Carefully read thisdocument (Professional Paper WorksheetGuidelines),includingtheRubric.

2.  Download theProfessional Paper WorksheetTemplate from Doc Sharing.Renamethat document asYour Last NameProfessional Paper Worksheet.docx, for example Smith Professional Paper Worksheet. Save itto yourown computerordrive in a location where you will be able toretrieve itlater.

3.  Type yourassignment directlyonthe saved template.Remember that onlyMicrosoftWord 2010oralater version is acceptable.The document mustbesaved as a.docx.Save frequentlyto preventlossofyourwork.

4.  Recall the Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competency that you selected for your Professional Paper Topic in the Week 1 Time Management Plan assignment.

5.  Locate pages in your Hood textbook that correspond to your paper topic. HINT:  Begin with the syllabus.

6.  From the Syllabus, locate the week that your topic is presented. Go to the Assignments page for that week. Click on the link to the assigned article for your paper topic. Read the article.  NOTE: You must use the article assigned based on your topic.

7.  Create a reference in APA format for the article assigned.

8.  Select a 10–25-word quotation from that article that you plan to use in your Professional Paper. Do not select words or ideas that the author(s) attributes to another source. Provide the quotation and citation in correct APA format.

9.  Paraphrase the passage that you previously quoted. Provide your paraphrased wording and citation in correct APA format.

10.  Prepare a detailed outline for your Professional Paper as indicated on the Template (specific topics only, complete sentences not needed). NOTE:The Professional Paper will contain 500–600 words of content.

11.  Double check your answers with the rubric prior to submission.

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