project on lower leg injures in sports

The paper will be 1-2 pages of bullet points.Your bullets should contain the main points from your presentation as well as any other information that is pertinent to your chosen topic.Bullets need not be in proper sentence structure or punctuation, though they should cite the sources from which they are drawn.Some example of bullets using articles on dieting techniques

You will also be required to have a works cited page, with all of your sources formatted in APA format.You will be required to have at least 3 peer reviewed journal articles, you may use other sources as well – but the majority of your info should come from journals.This page and these sources being in proper format will be worth 25% of your project grade.

Your presentation should last at least 10 minutes,You must have a minimum of 6 slides not including your title slide or references.You should use graphics, diagrams, and pictures as you see fit.

Remember, you should not be reading off a page, you should be able to talk about your topic with confidence.Also, your focus should be on telling us what the research showed, not just talking generally about your topic as you may have done in high school.

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